MSP Case Management Ltd have a wealth of experience in all aspects of case management. We are able to put teams of independent therapists and other professionals in place, from our vast working network of therapists, in order to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. Due to the quality of our work and our dedication to our clients, we receive a high level of positive feedback and gratitude, of which we are very proud. Here a just a selection of the reviews and testimonials we receive on a daily basis.

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My son has been a client of Marylka’s for over ten years. She has the perfect balance of friendliness and professionalism and is one of the most important back-up support people in our lives. Marylka has the experience, knowledge and contacts to help and her passion for her work and lovely down-to-earth personality makes her a joy to work with.

Client, Doncaster

I have worked with Lorraine on a number of client cases. Lorraine has a vast knowledge and experience of brain injury which is invaluable in being able to support the clients and their families. She coordinates the required therapy and care input for each client by communicating effectively and keeping the team informed in order to enhance the rehabilitation process. She shows good attention to detail and excellent organisational skills.

Lorraine is respectful of clients and the therapists working with them. She is personable and is able build and maintain effective relationships which has a positive impact on the goals and outcomes for the clients. It’s always encouraging to know that Lorraine is managing the case.

Lead Occupational Therapist, Bury

Marylka is very knowledgeable about the medical legal process and develops a good rapport with her clients. She also has the ability to engage a good team of therapists.

Solicitor, Lincoln

I have been working with Jade Kerry at MSP Case Management Ltd for only a short period of time and during this time, straight away I have received immense support and understanding when needed. I feel incredibly lucky to work for a team that not only supports their clients with 100% effort and care, but their team also.

Support Worker, Barnsley

Marylka displays a responsive, caring and thorough approach to her role, and has shown a consistent ability to manage complex cases, build dedicated teams of skilled professionals and to lead and inspire them in a way which obtains the very best outcomes. We would recommend her unreservedly to any organisation or individual who values a level of dedication and skill which is second to none.

Specialist IT Consultant, Nottingham

We have a beautiful, funny Son (aged 9) who is our entire world.

He has Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Mobility problems, Cortical Visual Impairment, Developmental delay and Speech delay, due to clinical negligence at birth.

We were first introduced to MSP Case Management Ltd in June 2018 by our Solicitors. Karen O’Brien became our Case Manager and that’s when our life changed.

As a family we were really struggling to cope emotionally with all the challenges that having a child with a number of disabilities brings. Everyday we’d feel like we were just scraping through until bedtime, not really living or enjoying things, just existing.

Karen listened to us and gave us empathy, support and guidance in abundance and made us feel like we were not in this alone anymore. Her loyalty, professionalism and fight “to get things right” for not only Luke, but for us as a family, is second to none and she always reminds me, I have a voice and don’t have to put up with things if we’re not happy.

She is one of the most important people in our lives, nothing is ever too much trouble and we couldn’t feel more blessed to have her. She’s our backbone on those days you’d rather stay in bed.

Parents, Sheffield

Marylka has assisted us with case management services for a several years. Her help has been crucial in helping us deal with many issues and her extensive knowledge and experience have been invaluable. Marylka assists in many ways, including the recruitment and management of support workers, liaising with therapists and helping to ensure educational and therapy needs are met. Marylka has also been available to deal with more urgent issues—she was very concerned when my daughter developed extreme anxiety and she assisted us to get the immediate help we needed. We know that Marylka is always there if we need her, she is easy to talk to and approachable and I would not hesitate to recommend the services of MSP Case Management.

Client, Derbyshire

I know Karen is always just a phone call away to provide expert advice where needed and she always makes time to listen, which is so very reassuring.

I feel very privileged to be in my role supporting a young boy with complex needs in his own home. His family have accepted me into their lives and I feel they are very appreciative of the work I do and the relationship I have been able to develop with their son.

Having worked in the caring profession most of my life, now with MSP, I am able to carry on giving all my experience. I find it very rewarding to see the little boy happy and contented, when I am caring for him and when I leave, I always look forward to my next shift.

Support Worker, Sheffield

Marylka is very knowledgeable about the EHCP process and because of this she is able to support both the client and school with this process in a helpful manner. She is always keen to hear everyone’s voice at a meeting and takes on board what ALL professionals are saying, providing outcomes which are achievable for the school to support the client with and for the client to achieve.

SENCo, Kirkby-in-Ashfield

Marylka has been an absolute godsend to us as a family, from arranging my son’s therapists, to helping me with my son’s EHCP process at school, liasing with my solicitor to just sitting and listening to me whilst I talk about the medical/legal process and how it’s affected me generally. We’ve been in the process now for nearly nine years and we’ve had Marylka on board for nearly two years. During those two years she’s listened, advised and been really proactive in getting my son the help he needs.

It’s really nice and comforting to know she’s only at the other end of the phone if I need help, whether it be for my son or even for me. She makes not only the injured child a part of everything but also other children in the family. She’s really good with them and puts them at ease. She’s a professional when she needs to be but also a friend if you need it.

Client, Kirkby-in-Ashfield

We are always happy and confident to accept referrals from MSP Case Management Ltd, knowing that the cases will be managed effectively, with excellent communication and driven with passion for achieving the very best for the client and their family.

SALT, Derbyshire

Having worked with Marylka on several cases, I would be more than happy to recommend her to others as a Case Manager for both paediatric and adult clients. Her knowledge of brain injury and other serious disabilities is second to none. She is able to deal with the most complex of cases with confidence, skill and an understanding that is not always found elsewhere. Marylka is able to run a case effciently, supporting both the client and the multidisciplinary team working with that individual. You will not find better!

Specialist Neurology OT, Sheffield

Lorraine has been a Case Manager for my son for a number of years now. Lorraine is ever the professional and she works hard in making sure we have the full support in all aspects of a Case Managers role. Lorraine is very easy to talk to and we feel trusted that she has confidentiality regarding all matters. She has a friendly and compassionate way about her and those are important qualities for a Case Manager. Lorraine has always fully supported the support workers coming into our home with training and regular 1:1’s and help them by moulding them to the best they can be.

Lorraine thoroughly reviews all aspects of therapy and therapist at home and in school to ensure my son has all the input he needs and any equipment he needs is relevant and serviced.

As a family we thoroughly love working with Lorraine and I would be the first to recommend Lorraine for a Case Manager to any new clients.

Parent, Lincolnshire

I appreciate Lorraine’s support. She has always done things in a timely fashion and respected us and the client. Training has been well organised and she responds to emails and phone calls straight away. She is approachable and professional.

Support Worker, Lincoln

As a solicitor working for and with children who have suffered extensive brain and other neurological injury, I am very fortunate to have also worked alongside MSP on such cases over a number of years.

Apart from providing an excellent case management service for my clients, they have always demonstrated a very good understanding of what is involved in litigation and how case management and other decisions which are taken can impact on the process.

As a result, a real feeling of teamwork and trust develops which ultimately benefits the client.

Solicitor, Nottingham

I have known Lorraine as a Case Manager for 4 years. I have worked with her for 2 clients in the capacity of Occupational Therapist.

Lorraine is an excellent case manager to work with. She is friendly and approachable. I have observed the face to face work she does with clients and good working relationships she has built with them.

Lorraine is able to bring the multidisciplinary team together at appropriate intervals to ensure that we work towards timely and relevant goals. I find this a really valuable opportunity and helps us meet the best needs for the clients.

She is always available either at the end of a phone or by email to answer any questions I have as soon as she is able.

I would be very happy to work alongside Lorraine with any future clients.

Occupational Therapist, Lincoln

Marylka is a Case Manager who demonstrates a comprehensive working knowledge of acquired brain injury and the complex ways in which children, young people and their families can be affected by it. Her approach is client-centred, compassionate and thorough, and I would recommend her services to you.

Neuropsychologist, Birmingham

I have worked through MSP Case Management Ltd as a Support Worker for a few years now. Along the way they have been incredibly supportive in both my own personal development and my professional development; providing support far beyond the expected levels with excellent training that is noticed by many others.

It is a delight to work for people who have a passion for what they do and support you as an individual.

Support Worker, Sheffield

Having worked with Jade on several cases, I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to others as a Case Manager.

Jade has an extensive knowledge of brain injury and understands how this will affect an individual in real life circumstances. Jade is an easy person to get on with and is able to use her personality to engage the most difficult of clients, whilst always remaining professional in her approach. I enjoy working on Jade’s cases because she understand the roles of the different therapists, she is thorough in everything she does, she communicates with all concerned in a timely way and runs her cases well.

Definatly one of the best out there!

Senior Occupational Therapist, Sheffield

Jade has been really great in helping me with anything I need. She is really easy to talk to and makes me feel comfortable in being able to ask any questions and to get in touch with her any time I need. She makes me feel understood and as though she has my back through everything and I feel I not only have a good team working with me but friends too.

Client, Doncaster


Karen is great – She is friendly, personable and quickly earns respect from everyone she works with due to her vast knowledge and experience. She has helped source the best professionals and independent therapists to work alongside my daughter and our family.

As a family, we had no idea what to expect when we won our young daughter’s legal case. Karen has been our Case Manager from the beginning and has guided us every step of the way ensuring we make the right decisions to benefit our daughter. You can always trust her judgement and advice!

Karen goes above and far beyond in any given situation. She’s like a 24 hour helpdesk always available if needed. I honestly can’t say enough good things about her and I’m confident that my comments are echoed by all the other professionals and independent therapists we work together with.

I just wanted to let you know! I’m happy for you to share this information on your webpage too 😊

Kindest regards

Michelle Perks-Jeffrey (client’s mum)