We aim to respond to referrers within 24 hours. We can provide an initial ‘meet and greet’ with clients/families, which will usually be free of charge, in order to enable them to decide if we are the right case management company for them.

Should we be instructed, we agree with the referrer what is required and the best type of report to meet their needs. This can be:

  • An Immediate Needs Assessment under the Code of Rehabilitation
  • A Case Management Report
  • A Letter of Recommendations

MSP Case Managers are experienced in working within the Medico-Legal process. Marylka has also had Bond Solon Expert witness training.

MSP Case Management keeps full records in order to provide supporting information and evidence (for legal teams) for any claim and can send this to you in a form which is most appropriate for you.


Assessment of capacity is set out in the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) 2005 and its accompanying Code of Practice.


MSP Case Management Ltd provide case management services for clients from birth into adulthood. We provide services for clients who have injuries resulting from a variety of incidents such as:

  • Birth trauma.
  • Road Traffic Accidents.
  • Other Personal Injuries.
  • Spinal Injuries.
  • Non-accidental injuries.


After a referral we aim to:

Respond to the referrer within 24 hours

Provide an initial ‘meet and greet’ with the client/family, which usually will be free of charge, in order to enable them to decide if we are the right case management company for them.


We have a vast network of specialist therapists who work closely with us and we can therefore select the correct therapist for each individual client. We coordinate therapy input and enable therapists to work towards joint client-centered goals, which are monitored and reviewed regularly with measurable outcomes. Therefore providing a sound supportive structure for legal teams and their requirements.


Our assessment will indicate equipment, therapy and other needs as identified.

Following assessment, a case management plan and costs for support and case management will be provided.


If you would like to discuss a referral

please contact Marylka Puchalska:
Telephone: 07843 347128

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