Poem by Kiran Bashir

Despair throughout lockdown

These same four walls I’m stuck within
so far, I’ve anticipated through thick and thin
hearing multiple deaths from this terminating disease
facing despair for life to return with ease
there’s been no amelioration from the statistics seen
so Boris, exactly how effective is each vaccine?
You announced that you did your utmost to eliminate the infection
but at the hospital, everyone is being treated in the same section
the limitation of doctors delays an individual’s care
but you didn’t address this at your press conference, which is unfair
the guidelines are only to visit essential places
otherwise we’ll violate the rules of assimilating familiar faces
till this day, there’s been a late approach to every choice you’ve made
so, in reality, you can’t expect the virus to fade
the economic situation began to recede
but eat out to help out didn’t rectify this, I concede
national health became much worse than afore
these decisions of yours, I definitely do not adore
daily global suffering we hear on the news
has become one of the primordial issues
implementations must certainly be introduced
so that the number of deaths can be reduced
watching the hands of the clock go by
reliving the day, persisting to comply
feeling distant from society, not able to wander around
everyone trapped in their houses, not a word nor a sound
a phase of tranquillity, a melancholy scene
gloom and misery gladly trying to intervene
not much left in life to rejoice
apart from the sweet bird chirping voice
nature calling upon us; take a stroll in open air
no longer feeling myself so I couldn’t even care
tackling the boredom I encounter everyday
hopeless thoughts racing through my mind as we approach May
days, months, we’ve endured through this pandemic
and there’s still a pause in our life, this is far from an epidemic
the world’s been put on withhold
the gentle ambience roars out with cold
the frustration for COVID cases to decline
vaccines are a source of healing, yet this is not a justifiable sign
a perpetual period; carrying myself forward
my existence is beginning to seem quite awkward
regulations put in place to improve the current circumstances
so Boris, why do we still see uncertain chances
for joy to fulfil us, for life to return back to its original state
its unjust to keep us indoors, is it not time to negotiate?
Reminiscing the times we spent as a family
with our freedom seized; we cannot do things happily
persistent and tolerant are the behaviours we’ve promised
yet we still don’t receive liberty if I’m being honest
you banned us from our everyday pleasures
of going out exploring, please consider new measures
will we have the opportunity to pursue our dreams?
Looking at the current figures, I think we’ll have to alter our schemes

Desperate for essence to return in reality
can no longer endure much more of this tragedy
how much longer do we have to cope?
I can assure you that I’m starting to lose hope
staying two metres apart now has a part to play
zoom calls and skype, our saviour for the day
gazing at our phones constantly chatting away
when lockdown is over, we can all say hurray!

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